About Us

Dec 15, 2015 1:40 PM

The Wawela Music Awards (WMAs) burst onto the stage in 2013 and since then, nothing has been able to stop their meteoric rise! Now in their fourth year, the WMAs are officially recognised as a dazzling highlight on the music industry calendar!

 Wawela means “go beyond” and that’s exactly what these awards have done so far! They’ve attracted more big name winners than anyone ever thought possible and have surprised SA by unearthing the country’s newest composing and songwriting talent! They’ve surpassed even SAMRO’s expectations of success! In word and deed, the (WMAs) have smashed through the boundaries and gone beyond to deliver recognition to SAMRO’s outstanding musical maestros! 

So what makes the WMAs so different? Well, while other awards solely celebrate the performers of musical works, the WMAs are the only awards in South Africa to acknowledge the people behind the creation of the music that shapes our world and is the soundtrack of our lives! These are the composers, songwriters and publishers of music who work behind the stage as well as on it!  The WMAs were exclusively created to showcase the creative talent of SAMRO members whose amazing talent is celebrated both at home and abroad.

To date a pantheon of SA music creators has graced the WMAs stage with stunning performances, showcasing their composing and songwriting talent to the world. To view highlights from our previous events please click here


The awards are proudly brought to you by SAMRO and are exclusively open to all SAMRO members. Entry is free! 

Got it? Good! Now that you’re in tune, let’s go Wawela once more!