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Under the name Nikki Saks he scored countless radio and TV jingles some, like Tiger Wheel and Tyre, are still running a good 20 years later.  He composed some defining Channel themes and station ID’s including MNET’s – Won’t Stop the Magic At All, SuperSport’s Channel of Champions, KTV – Kids with An attitude, Orkney Snork Nie (Season 1), Network (NEWS/SABC) among others.

After completing the theme music for the historic 1994 elections for the SABC he followed a childhood dream and relocated to the USA. With a green card in hand he settled in Atlanta. Highlights of this time include the work done for Mc Canns on Coca Cola commercials and the theme for CNN’s World Beat – a weekly world music program. After a 4-year stay in Georgia he made the inevitable journey across to the West Coast and the beckoning lights of California. Not for the feint hearted Nik spent over 5 years in Hollywood discovering the true nature of the “dream” factory. He fed his enduring passion for film scoring with on-going study. He made significant strides into defining his hybrid sound, which combines traditional orchestral sounds with a strong digital electronic and sample-based palette.

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Nominated for:

- Best Soundtrack in a Feature Film or Theatric Documentary

- Best Song or Composition in a Radio Commercial

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