Tebogo Motlhabi aka The Budda


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What is he enticed by currently?

Tebogo is working tirelessly on a house compilation titled "house of emotions" which is set to be released soon.
He is also due to release his solo Motswako Gospel EP, which is titled GENESIS,
It features hit tracks like:
* LOKISA, to name a few.

Previous and Present Achievements.


* He started experimenting with different sound and produced a second album for his Former Hip hop R&B group called MAGANATE. They have performed alongside artists like HHP, Mandoza, Skwatter Kamp, Khalil and more. * He produced a track called "Giving you my Love "for Khalil which was released in 2005 on their album called Experience Khalil, under DAVID GRESHEM RECORDS.* In 2006, he went on producing brilliant house Tracks like Ondilibele that was featured on Dj Sisco's house compilation called Capitol Collective, with the like of Black coffee and DJ Christos.
* In 2007, he continued to spread his wings and went across the borders of BOTSWANA to work with traditional groups like DIKAKAPA, MOKORWANE,SHUMBA RATSHEGA & VEE WA MAMPELA, to name a few.


*During the year of 2014 Tebogo wrote and composed some of the brilliant soundtracks that were featured on current affair television programs like AGAINST ALL ODDS and also on series like Rhythm City and SCANDAL.
*In the year 2015 Tebogo Motlhabi was approached by his Publisher “ LALELA MUSIC” to collaborate with ALAN LAZAR to yet  write and compose music themes for a reality show called ROLLING WITH THE HEADLINERS, and for a Drama series called GOLD DIGGERS and also for a sitcom called B and B which were all approved by a local broadcaster ETV.
* He also released a powerful and inspiring music video for his smashing single called “GOLOKILE” and is doing very well on TV channels like ONE GOSPEL, KUZE KUZE, MZANZI INSIDER to mention a few.

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- Best Male Artist & Composer / Co-composer

- Songwriter of the year


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