Start Preparing to enter the 2014 Wawela Music Awards

Wawela Music awards 2013 261-resized.jpg

This year's inaugural Wawela Music Awards were a resounding success, attended by many luminaries from the South African entertainment industry. As the only awards ceremony in the country that rewards music composers and authors for their outstanding achievements, it has already made a significant impression on the South African music landscape.


For the 2014 awards, SAMRO is giving music creators more time to prepare their entries for submission via the dedicated online portal, in addition to providing some handy tips and insights to make it easier for members to submit their entries online.


An announcement will be made shortly on when entries will open, but in the meantime, you are encouraged to start accumulating the material listed below, and start preparing your submission.


Here is a list of content you will need to enter the 2014 Wawela Music Awards:
1. Three high-resolution pictures of yourself; they must be at least 1MB in size. These photos are necessary should your entry be successful and you are selected as one of the Wawela Music Awards nominees.
2. A biography/profile that tracks your career in the music industry, detailing your awards, accolades and any other additional information about yourself you think is relevant.
3. Make sure that you have the music you will be entering in the 2014 Wawela Music Awards in MP3 format. Please check that each song is titled correctly.
4. If you will also be submitting a video, please ensure that your video is in MP4 format; alternatively, you may submit a link to your video on YouTube with your entry. Please ensure that each video is titled correctly.
Once you have compiled all the content and you are ready to make your submission, the entry process goes as follows:
1. Visit and click on the entry form button.
2. Log on using your ID/passport number.
3. Start filling out the entry form, including all your personal information, social media handles, and so on.
4. In the profile/biography section, copy and paste your biography as instructed.
6. Select the category or categories that you would like to enter and upload the relevant music file. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SYSTEM WILL ONLY ACCEPT MP3 FILES.
7. If you are also submitting a video, please ensure that the video is in MP4 format. Alternatively, please provide a link to your video on YouTube.
8. Once you have completed the entry form, please click on the `Submit` button. A screen will appear, confirming that the entry form was submitted, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
SAMRO will be setting up an information hotline to deal with queries on the Wawela Music Awards' entry process. Remember that only SAMRO members are eligible to enter.
Please be on the lookout for further reminders regarding entry details and be sure not to miss out on this golden opportunity to have your local and international music achievements recognised and rewarded.